Roadmap for my site

I’ve been thinking a lot about what it is I want to do with this page. I figured a post would help me outline some of those ideas.

  • Consolidation - I have a Squarespace blog I would like to move over. Really, it comes down to just doing it. There’s nothing really wrong with Squarespace at all, as it’s a bit more feature rich with things like tags for posts and different types of pages. On the other hand, is a little bit cheaper for me and there’s really no point in paying for two different services. That brings me to the next thing…

  • Switch domain providers - Squarespace currently holds my domain name. Transferring it to Hover seems like a logical step.

  • Brew Blog - I’ve been meaning to start posting reviews of the different beers I try. I often collect reviews and notes in both Untapped and Day One, but I would like for these to be public in some way as well. One of the hangups for me is sorting these out from the rest of my posts, so they don’t get lost in the shuffle. Viewing Manton Reese’s list of coffee shops gave me a good idea on how to handle this by making a new page listing my reviews with links. With this, I can sort brews alphabetically and by variety.

  • Instagram Posts - Also, in the name of consolidation, I feel the need to start pulling in my old Instagram posts. Instagram is one of the services I’ve weened myself from posting to, though I still check it for the posts of others. I don’t think I’ll delete anything from the service, but there are a handful of posts I would like to bring over and the macOS version of has a nice importer for that.

So, that’s where things stand right now. I’m really enjoying, both as a service and as a community, so I’m really trying to dig in and make it my hub for most things on the social web.