Instead of Trump’s propaganda, how about a nice ‘truth sandwich’? - The Washington Post

The fact a news organization is even publishing this is a start. One can only hope journalist take the suggestion and run with it, because the way the media is pushing Trump's quotes now only fuels his fire, doing nothing to extinguish it.

Citing George Lakoff:

First, he says, get as close to the overall, big-picture truth as possible right away. (Thus the gist of the Trump-in-Singapore story: Little of substance was accomplished in the summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, despite the pageantry.) Then report what Trump is claiming about it: achievement of world peace. And then, in the same story or broadcast, fact-check his claims.

That’s the truth sandwich — reality, spin, reality — all in one tasty, democracy-nourishing meal.

Avoid retelling the lies. Avoid putting them in headlines, leads or tweets, he says. Because it is that very amplification that gives them power.

That’s how propaganda works on the brain: through repetition, even when part of that repetition is fact-checking.

Less click bait and more education sounds like a pretty good start to me.