A Day with Apple Pay

I spent my day off running a few errands, mostly picking up a few odds and ends I've needed around my place. The best part was being able to use Apple Pay everywhere I went. Now, this isn't to say Apple Pay (or NCF payments in general) are accepted everywhere I go, it's not. Where I live, we're not exactly cutting edge. But, where it's available, I'm glad it's there. Today I was able to pay for:

  • Cat food at PetSmart
  • Lunch at Jersey Mike's
  • A couple shirts at Eddie Bauer
  • Tea at a local coffee and tea shop
  • A few groceries at Whole Foods

That's a pretty good day using a single type of wireless payment system.

There's a couple reasons why I like being able to use NFC payments. First, obviously, is convenience. A simple double-click of a button on my watch or iPhone and I'm prompted to hold the device near the reader and in most cases I'm done. No fooling around with my wallet or cards.

Secondly is security & privacy. In the case of Apple Pay, a unique transaction code is created every time and that transaction code can not be traced back to my card or account in the case of a breach. That's an added level of comfort in these times.

One other thing I'll throw out there with Apple Pay in particular is online purchases. Some websites have allowed Apple Pay as a form of payment within the browser. Upon selecting Apple Pay as your form of payment, it'll ask to authorize the payment on your iPhone or Apple Watch with a double-click of the side button, in which it'll also submit billing and shipping info, totally saving a step in the process. Pretty neat.

There's also that feeling you're playing with something from the future when you wow someone who's never seen NFC payments in action before. The lady behind me in line at Whole Foods was blown away by me not swiping a card, in which I had to explain what happened. I told her it's even more fun to do with vending machines, since noone sees you put money in.

Due to the combination of convenience and security, I suggest trying NFC payments whenever you get the chance. I think you'll find yourself being like me, purposely seeking out businesses who offer NFC.

skoo.bz @sku_b