A few notes from my visit to Kauffman Stadium

I learned my lesson after paying $9 for an average Papa John's and another $10 for a drink a year ago. Instead, I hit a MOD Pizza in nearby Blue Springs, and paid roughly $8 combined for a drink and a pizza, which I was able to customize and was made to order. Worth the extra stop.

Still, I did spend some cash at the ballpark:
Parking - $15
Beer (can of Boulevard Ginger Lemon Radler) - $11

I had fun, but there's no way I'd see more than a few games a year (this may actually be my only trip in this year), especially considering I had to fill my gas tank twice since Kansas City is about three hours away.

The Tacoma Rainiers (Seattle's Triple-A club) doesn't make a trip into Omaha this year, but maybe I catch a game at Werner Park and also at TD Ameritrade Park if the Gators make it to the College World Series. I'd love to do a cost comparison of both.

skoo.bz @sku_b