Take a Walk

Last Thursday, I decided to step out and go for a walk. A long walk. We're talking roughly 4.5 miles, from my apartment to downtown Lincoln.

The night before I received a $5 gift card to The Mill, one of the few worthwhile coffee shops in Lincoln. I decided that would be my goal, since I usually work harder when there's a reward involved. Now, here I am munching on an oatmeal raisin cookie and having a cherry cola from a glass bottle, as I give my legs a rest.

I like walking & biking. I don't do it necessarily for fitness, but I do occasionally compete with myself. Mostly, I like it because it allows me to get outside, slow down, clear my head, self-analyze internally, and not feel like I'm being lazy. I also get to people watch and get in touch with nature a bit. The fitness part of it is just a nice, positive, added benefit.

In the past, this is how I helped myself gain self worth and fight off depression. Not sure of the scientific part of this, but I know for a fact it helped. I recently scored myself an Apple Watch, with the fitness tracking in mind. It's been the extra push I've needed as of late. Being able to fill those rings on my watch is a bit of a thrill. There's definitely a sense of achievement there.

Fitness doesn't have to be a burden. It can be as simple as talking a brisk walk, allowing yourself to get lost in your surroundings, while enjoying some much needed alone time with you and your thoughts.

skoo.bz @sku_b