On Switching from 1Password to Apple Keychain

I’ve been wondering if I should move all my account logins from 1Password to Apple Keychain. I’ve actually supported my mom using Apple Keychain for her logins since it’s baked into iOS and therefore simpler to use. For me though, I’ve stored everything from checking account info and software keys in 1Password and I’ve wondered how I could access those without 1Password. Justin Cox has a good idea: I also use 1Password to secure important details — insurance numbers, license plates, rewards program account numbers, and other things you can never find when they’re needed.

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I was just about ready to give FuboTV a whirl until noticed they don’t have TNT or TBS. I have to be able to watch AEW and their NBA broadcasts.

Our apartment doesn’t have window sills, so the back of a desk chair becomes a good perch. 🐈

I’ve seen Jason Snell rave about the Kobo Libra H2O e-reader as a worthy competitor to the Kindle Oasis. I don’t know much about Kobo the company. Anyone care to fill me in?


30 seconds of zen. 🐈

These NFL Playoffs Leave Me Little To Root For

For the first time in a handful of years, the Seahawks missed the playoffs, therefore leaving me no dog in this fight. Usually, I try to tack myself onto a bandwagon, but the group of remaining teams leave me little to like. Let’s go through the list: NFC Green Bay - Aaron Rodgers has grown more and more insufferable. Packers fans are already insufferable. My Hawks also have a horrible track record at Lambeau, so I just naturally despise that place and the team that plays there.

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I just ordered one of these sweet bastards. I miss the Supes.

It’s 36°F (2°C), so, radar is still assuming it’s raining. It’s clearly not raining.

🔗 What “mild” really means when it comes to Omicron - Axios