I swear if he locks me out of my iPad for days…

I wonder if any of my local friends use Mastodon. Not that I need another social network, but it would be the one I’d be willing to pick up.

It’s kind of mind boggling how much more expensive Philips Hue products are compared to Nanoleaf products. Lightstrips are about half the price for a starter kit.

I was going to get another plate of black pepper chicken, but who am I to deny a snuggle? 🐈

I just installed the macOS Monterey public beta on my MacBook. The first thing I did was launch Safari to see how I feel about it. I have to be honest, I like the consolidated tab bar. It takes a minute to get used to, but I like how it emphasizes content. 💻

“Take care of your mentals 🧠
Your bodies 💪🏽
And your ¢hicken 🐓”

– Marshawn Lynch

Might need to call maintenance on this one.

How I'm Treating Social Media

I’m to the point where I’m beginning to loathe my digital clutter. What I mean by this are those now pointless thoughts that have little purpose to me anymore, but are still out there, archived to a timeline. I began to ask myself why am I keeping this stuff around.

A few months ago, I came across content creator Craig Mod’s interview on The Talk Show with John Gruber, in which Craig states he deletes tweet fairly often, usually leaving nothing older than seven days. He expands on this on his blog:

Twitter can be seen as a generator of micro-plastics of the mind. And the entirety of it as a sea of these largely nutrition-free bits. That doesn’t mean a tweet can’t be valuable for a second, but it’s unlikely they’re valuable for, say, years (or hours or even minutes). Applying a tweet-delete mindset to Twitter (that is: a mindset of ephemerality, what you could perversely call Buddhist Twitter) makes it lighter, a little more fun, and a lot less serious. You can ask a question, get some responses, and then just delete your question.

The archival purists out there would then say — but! but those responses are now tethered to a nothingness! To which I say: Yeah, man, like, what is anything, anyway but, like, nothingness interrupted? Also: Who cares! Make a mess. Delete the mess! Try out an idea. Then backtrack! Retweet someone for an hour, then undo it! It makes the medium so much more dynamic, less staid.

Craig uses a script to do all of this. Since I’m lazy, I chucked up a one-time fee of $15 to a service called Tweet Delete, which will automatically delete tweets older than a certain age. In my case, I’m going two weeks back. For Facebook, I’ve employed a Firefox plugin simply called Delete My Posts, which gives some granular control over what gets deleted.

Anything I feel that’s worthwhile will go to my personal site. I have a pretty good search option on here so that I can find a memory or a particular beer review and so on. I feel less stress with this approach overall. Besides, I wasn’t ever going back to read my social media posts.

I’ve gone down the rabbit hole of browsing “thrift store art” on Etsy and have found a few gems.

It should be noted, one thing I love about having a personal site is I can edit my posts once I catch a typo.

I’ll never understand why Jack Dorsey can’t grasp the importance of this concept.

Late Pass: I’ve truly discovered DIIV this past month or so. I can totally get lost in this band’s music. I really love “Doused”.

Five foul-mouthed parrots have to be separated at Lincolnshire zoo after teaching each other how to swear

“When a parrot tells tells you to f*** off it amuses people very highly.”

Watching the Olympics makes me wish Japanese baseball was televised in the States. ⚾️

Browsing Seattle Kraken gear online tonight I noticed there were still three-packs of face masks on sale for $5. Given everything going on, I bought a pack. Can’t be too safe.

Looks like this’ll be the coolest day over the next ten. Good times!

Woke up with a headache this morning. Woke up with it a couple times through the night also. It’s always a crap shoot if I take medication for my tension headaches, since the stuff has caffeine in it. There’s a 50/50 chance I stay awake for a bit when I don’t want to.

I could play Alto’s Odyssey for quite some time. Such a fun yet relaxing game.

Part of me likes seeing what the Kraken are up to tonight, the other part of me wants all the media types to shut up and let me enjoy the expansion draft show tonight. I might have to stay off Twitter for a bit or create a filter.

My Sleep Focus Home Screen.

If there’s one disadvantage to working the early shifts I’m doing right now, it’s I’m far too tired to jot any semi-long form thoughts out. I have ideas in my head, but I just have no will to get them out. Same thing goes for watching TV shows (I’m behind on Loki, for example).

RIP Biz Markie. One of my favorites. One of a kind back when you had to be one of a kind to stand out in Hip-Hop.

I’m basically neutral for the most part on this summer’s changes to Safari in Apple’s OS betas. But, I am curious to see how far things change between June and September.

Time - Pink Floyd - Solo Acoustic Guitar (Kent Nishimura) - YouTube


‘When It Rains’ By Brent Barry — Sonics Forever

That's Not Where That Goes

We have a saying where I work: “Everything has a place”. If you don’t know, I currently work in retail. This means I experience retail bullshit. So, it goes with face-to-face customer service jobs.

Just remember that rule we live by.

I’m stocking in my department, which is kitchenware. The aisle I was hanging out in for the most part had all my water bottles & travel coffee mugs. This lady comes over carrying a thermal water container she had picked up in sporting goods and begins browsing what I have for drink containers in my area.

This is when I could feel it.

My spidey senses could feel this lady was about to dump the container she came over within my section. As I’m organizing the stuff in my work cart, she stands there kind of rotating the foreign container in her hand while she holds another container she just found in her other hand. And she just stands there. And stands there. And I continue organizing my cart. By this point, I can feel she knows I’m on to her.

Finally, she walks over to the end of the aisle and I go to put something away. This took no more than five seconds. I come back into my aisle, and she’s back in the same spot she was in before, still pretending to browse, but this time without the foreign container she came over with. Finally, she walks away.

I go to check and sure as hell, she left the container from sporting goods in my area, shoved back on the shelf as if she was trying to hide it. I pick it up and walk out of the aisle to see her walking towards the registers.

Here’s the thing: she could have given it to the cashier and kindly explained she no longer wanted it. The cashiers have a bin for such items. Instead, she hangs out in my aisle like a small child who’s about to do something they know they shouldn’t do, yet they’re going to do it anyway the minute you’re not looking at them. This is how grown people behave, apparently.

It’s little things like this that drive me insane. I take pride in how my department looks. I’m constantly working to make my area look presentable and shoppable. I despise overstock, and I’m constantly flexing and facing items up to give the appearance of a full department, even when I’m lacking product.

The lack of concern for that work some people have annoys me. I spend a good chunk of my day at work. It is a second home. Imagine if I came in your home and just started moving things around and leaving things where they don’t belong. I’m guessing you wouldn’t like that much. Yet, people come into my store and do this all the time, with little regard for the time and effort someone spent trying to make each department look organized and shoppable.

I usually don’t air my work frustrations out. But, this case in particular blew my mind because of the length this person was going to go to not do the right thing when a more reasonable solution was right in front of her. She could have even given the item to me. All I ask is that we all consider the work people do and at the very least try not to make their job any more difficult than it already is.