2021 College Football Conference Championship Picks

Oklahoma State over Baylor Louisiana over Appalachian State Georgia over Bama Cincinnati over Houston Michigan over Iowa Wake Forest over Pittsburgh

Happy birthday to Jay-Z!

Quick Tip: Cat-proof those HomePods – Six Colors

I’ve done the automation option already, but it’s good to know about the long press option.

Craft X looks interesting.

Watching an interview with T.I. while Griffey gives his thoughts on the lack of attention he’s getting.

I’m surprised Apple Watch face sharing hasn’t been more prevalent.

My current home screen. 📱

After seeing the Mariners pick up last season’s Cy Young Award winner and watched as the Kraken scored seven goals in Buffalo, I decided I wasn’t going to let the Seahawks steal my joy and watched fail videos on Ridiculousness instead.

Now that the problems are festering even worse with Russ back in at QB, I see no way there’s not an upheival with the coach and GM for the Seahawks by season’s end. Who knows, maybe even Russ goes too? He still holds a lot of value.

Watching: TrueSouth

TrueSouth is a series on SEC Network which features different cities and towns across the American South and connects with them through food in the little mom-and-pop shops that are unique to their location. Food tells a story for people. It tells you their ethnic and financial background, where they grew up and where they’ve been. It often tells a story of family and community. Those are the things this show tries to unearth in every place they visit, and they do a beautiful job with it.

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